My reaction to an ignorant comment to the news from the Sickle Cell Foundation of Ghana that 15000 children are born each year with sickle cell disease in Ghana

Nobody can stop sickle cell or even hope to reduce the rate at which children are being born with it until individuals take responsibility, get tested and understand the basics of it. Far too many people get caught up in this idea of love first and everything else second.  Then there are those who go on about God being in control therefore sickness is not their portion. Sickle Cell disease does not come to anyone because it is their portion or because they chose a partner they did not love. The issue of faith and God being a healer to some people seems to be a good enough reason they don’t do the right thing even when they are aware of their status and the risks that therefore carries. They forget that the same God has given everyone the divine gift to make a decision not to risk giving birth to a child that could suffer so much pain and discomfort their whole life. Education and awareness is all the people at SCFG can hope to realistically achieve. Controlling the spread of sickle cell? that’s down to everyone. So take responsibility and check your genotype. When you see and talk to sickle cell patients daily and witness the harm this condition can cause, like I do, you will not love blindly, you will stop saying it is not your portion and you will never forget the divine power God has given you to make that very important decision not to birth a child that could know only pain.


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    First published on 29 May 2016 by Daniel Nyakutsey on http://www.sicklecellwelfare


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