Sickle Cell and Welfare Reform

The Sickle Cell community needs to get involved with this debate about the impact of ESA cuts. In my view, it will have a devastating impact on sickle cell sufferers, a group of people who are already struggling to get benefits they are entitled to as things stand. A cut in the rate would most likely be followed very quickly by even tigher rules in the assessment process. If that happens, it could render ESA near impossible for sickle cell sufferers to get. Call your local MPs, The Sickle Cell Society and any other organisation or group of powerful people with influence you know and put some pressure on them. Just like the tax credits situation, the government, especially the Chancellor can be made to listen. We all need to do our bit to make a change happen. I know I say this a lot but the truth is we can all do that little extra to ensure sickle cell is getting the necessary attention, the resources and the political awareness it needs. Please call your MPs. Tell them about everything that is wrong with regards to welfare support provision for sickle cell sufferers. Macmillan cancer research has a support centre at a lot of hospitals across the country for cancer patients. Sickle Cell doesn’t. Obviously they are doing something right. What is the Sickle Community doing wrong? There are enough people across the country affected by sickle cell; enough to warrant a similar level of exposure. What ever the reasons sickle cell lacks appropriate support am sure someone out there would tell me, is a lot more complex than I would understand. Maybe. I do know that people with power and influence can and do make a difference. Start with your MPs. They need your votes, right?

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